Monday, November 21

i didn't know monkeys did dishes...

yes.. I'm in college. and I still get answers like this on my statistics homework.

I have such strange professors.

Thursday, November 3

Monday, October 24

world travelers.

sometimes we procrastinate our homework.
I've been gone for a while. Don't be worried.

Saturday, October 8

Just a Saturday afternoon in the neighborhood

A beautiful view, watching boys play some football, and exercising my mind. I love where I live.

Thursday, October 6

I'm engaged!

to my studies.
it is BYU after all.

Tuesday, September 27

i love it when...

I open my computer and I see this:

or facebook skype morphs moms face.

or when you have general conference this weekend and you get to go home.

I miss my family.

"college is when your friends become your family.. and your family becomes your friends."

Monday, September 12

i love my boys.

These guys are my favorite people.
cade and nate.
I'm really lucky to be their friend.
I really miss this guy.

and I really really miss this guy:
because he can't skype me.
but I'm telling him all about college.
and he is telling me all about that place down the road.
I get real excited when I get a letter,
I'm sure he would love it if you write.
college is a busy gig.